Tourism Planning

Regional tourism development planning, regional tourism resource assessment and marketing planning, resort general design, regulatory plan and site plan, special tourism planning (traffic, investment, marketing, conservation): 


BIAD's tourism and recreation design takes initiative in integrating creative planning, planning design and architectural design with actual projects, and offers comprehensive and integrated consultation and design services. Our services include tourism planning, resort planning, scenic spot planning, holiday product planning, development plan design, investment analysis, implementation guidance, architectural scheme design for holiday products, hotel scheme design, etc.

BIAD's tourism planning emphasizes the integration of creative planning and design with rational planning. Based on the integration of existing resources, BIAD targets at tourism projects' attractiveness and profit mode, utilizes design as the major approach, amplifies the attractiveness with creative design, and optimizes resources, environment, traffic and market by means of rational planning so as to integrate creativity with rationality and to promote the development of regional tourism.