Green Design

Ecological city and town planning and consultation, green building planning consultation and design, energy saving and new energy application consultation and design, optimized high energy efficiency for electrical and mechanical systems, analysis and design of acoustic, lighting and thermal environment of buildings, green building certification application, and USA LEED system certification application:

As early as the concept of green building was initiated in China, BIAD actively started the exploration and study of green building design. We take it our responsibility to find the green, low-carbon design schemes suitable for the situations in China, stick to the fundamental concept of "people-oriented and servicing the society", use comprehensive design as the method, adopt proper technologies as the main approaches to achieve sustainable development for buildings in the end.

As pioneer in the industry, we take the upper hand of our numerous talented designers and technical advancement to start comprehensive, systematic technical researches and designs in the field of green buildings, take part in the compilation of several national standards, local standards, national industry standards, and collections of standard design drawings for buildings in China. Meanwhile, as the first group of companies involved with green building technology in Beijing, state-level building acoustics and indoor environment lab (ISO/IEC 17025 certification in 2003), the first group of organizations appointed by Beijing Municipality Development & Reform Committee for energy saving evaluation on fixed assets investment, general qualification organization in Beijing Municipality for civil building energy efficiency evaluation, and companies supporting Research Center for Sustainable Development, we have offered comprehensive, systematic services in the whole course. We have rendered technical services like green building consultation and LEED certification for China Petroleum Building, National Centre for the Performing Arts, office building of the National People's Congress and other projects.