Landscape Design

Urban landscape design, residential landscape design, tourist resort landscape design, and landscape planning design:

Since its establishment, BIAD has completed numerous excellent design works in landscape planning and designs, and won multiple national awards. Our landscape creation is based on the concept of "people-oriented, and co-existence with the environment". We have rich experiences and powerful integration capacities in fields like commercial and business space, public open space in parks and cities, ecologic system and sustainable development, large exhibitions and garden expos.

In landscape planning and design we pay attentions to the whole process from creativity to its realization. Based on our rich professional resources and strong technical capacities, we cross link and blend together planning, landscape, ecology and other comprehensive powers from the viewpoints of several specialties. From the landscape design for Beijing Olympic Green to the landscape planning and design for the 9th Beijing Garden Expo, and from overall landscape improvement design for 2014 APEC conference area to the landscape planning for Tangshan 2016 World Horticulture Exposition, we have made discrete analyses on large issues like functions of environment and spatial relation, and deliberated small issues like cultural link and historic origins. BIAD puts the elements together and makes them an integer, truly "combines comprehensive elements together to fit the environment".