Consultation for Quantity Surveying

Scheme estimation, budgetary estimation for design, budget and settlement of construction drawings, bills of quantities, maximum bidding price, full-process cost management, cost analysis for plan optimization and design under quoted price:

BIAD’s cost consultation is dedicated to controlling the most important links in the design, truly uniting technology and economy with the method of value engineering and the approach of price-limited design, and offer effective solutions for construction project's cost optimization and control. We can offer cost consultation services in every stage of constructions for clients. We have rich experiences and achievements in many fields: cost consultation in decision-making stage (investment estimation and economic analysis for projects), cost consultation in design stage (realization of limited-price design, budgetary estimation for design, budgetary compilation and review for construction drawings, etc.), cost consultation in project transaction stage (compilation and review of bills of quantities and the maximum bidding price, verification of contracted project price, etc.), and cost consultation in project implementation stage (progress payment verification, project measurement verification and settlement audit).